All for Love

Anthony Gomez: “it’s not about me anymore but people don’t always see that.
XXXXX didn’t, she used phrases like “clever”
satan is “clever” in his deceptions, that term should never be applied to a servant of The Most High expressing Truth.
see doug I was not blind to these things, the simple fact is…
the greatest disbelief is among those who claim to believe, that is why I was assigned to (that forum).
even when I tried to leave I couldn’t, it was not yet time.
have you ever just barely closed your eyes and had them immediately flooded with light with eye-lids closed?
only to have the phenomenon recede to reveal eyes of living flames…no sooner had I asked her to remove me from the site along with all my work than this occurred.
immediately asked her not to…I was supposed to be there for a time but time was eventually up.
I don’t understand it, but I no longer try to either.
this transition with you and your resources is seamless and without strain.
like prayer should be, like belief and faith should be, like the hope we have, that can be conveyed in words.”


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