To call you a friend

Is no little rejoicing

Others have smiled

But the plastic soon showed

Theirs an agenda

Of covering bases

Lacking compassion

To ease my harsh load.

Lacking the insight

That comes from the loving

Comes from a mile

In your shoes gladly tried

Deeply determined

For good not for evil

Heeding the Spirit

To come alongside.

“Loving”, I said it

And that between real men

Chucking veneer that

Would hold others back

Birthed in a Saviour who

Maps hidden treasure

Claiming a “stake”

That most others will lack.

Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario


2 thoughts on “Comrades

  1. Good idea now to read Philemon in the New Testament – friendship, forgiveness, suretyship, new beginnings, liberation, empathy. Only a short letter…but Wow!

  2. Reblogged this on Salvoes in Faith and commented:

    It is my honor to call you friend Doug.

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