Don’t Apologize

Couple of Sundays now I have driven past a local church. The sign out front says “Relevant Messages”.

I feel sorry for that group if they are ashamed of the relevance of the story of Jesus, or if they feel they must sell something else in order to get people inside.

We are talking about the greatest of all men and one who instantly drew the attention of those within earshot. He offered comfort, freedom from condemnation, redeeming purposes and a new Spirit to establish God’s kind of wisdom, patience and perseverence. He brought the Father close to His audiences. He gave dimension to Divine Love. He stretched the imagination in terms of what unadulterated faith might accomplish in the Father’s Plan. He spoke of the future, preparing conscionable people for both the good and the bad. Such an agenda never becomes unfashionable or of secondary importance.

If it is a question of archaic language, get another Bible translation. But make sure that some consensus can be achieved in the fellowship that all might read from the same one. Nothing is more confusing and more detrimental to agreement in the Word than having several translations or paraphrases around the room.

There is also the fact that “messages” are not the exclusive or even most important point of the meeting. We are meeting with God more than fellow parishioners; receiving His supernatural charge; praying, thanking and praising; accepting cleansing; remembering the world-wide Body; developing measures for reproduction and help in the family of faith and in the larger community.

No group purporting to carry the oracles of God should be found whining about whether or not they are sufficiently “ear tickling”, contemporary or gracious at hosting.

Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario


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