Mountains Yonder

I tell you

There are mountains yonder
Tall and dark
Beyond this sea.
Things to do
Not only fishing
Cleaning nets
Or felling trees.
There, a people
Steeped in music
Brilliant arts
That thrill the soul.
Well beyond
Our mere subsistence.
Lord, one day
That I might go.
They’ll receive me
Like a monarch
Marvel, me
Of work-scarred hands!
And their thought
Is only blessing.
Gracious hosts
To many lands.
Theirs a life
So far beyond us
Time to delve
The depths of heart
Like the grandeur
Of their mountains
Oh, that I might
Quickly start!
I’ll come back
With richest treasure
Ways and means
To bless my land
Raise us from
The aching doldrums
Precious truths 
They understand.
What is this
A boat, a strong wind?
Might I leave
Our hurting shore?
Waves of hope
Now urging onward
Glory! Who
Could ask for more?
There is a story of a man who lived beside the sea and who was always speaking to his neighbors of the blue mountains beyond. They saw no mountains, and thought he was only a dreamer. But one day he sailed away to visit these mountains. The people laughed at his delusion, as they thought it, but by and by he came back, bringing rich treasures – gold, silver, and precious stones – which he had gathered. (J. R. Miller in Morning Thoughts.)
Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario

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