Mountain God

Not changing

With shifting wind.

Cupping the sunrise

As a thing

Flashing forth

By your consent.

Source of waters

Highland streams

Where small

Scampering things

Greet new day’s warmth.

Seeming source

Of thunders

Arsenal of bolts

Of shocking power.

Singer of haunting

Night wind’s tunes.

There in place,

Your place

Long before the fathers.

Halting our present breath

With steep inclines,

Testing the might

Of leg and limb.

Pausing to cradle

Dwarfish alpen blossoms

Hidden thawing beauties

Delighting, perhaps,

You alone.

We look up to you

And seek understanding.

Mountain God

Our God…forever.

(Psalm 48)

Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario

I press toward… the prize. – Philippians 3:14

The best ever lies before us if we are truly following Christ.

Life is a mountain climb, and we never get to the summit in this world. Paul tells us that he has not yet reached the end of his race. But he is pressing on with inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm. He forgets the things, which are behind. J. R. Miller

Mountains Around Maligne Lake, Alberta


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