Romans 8: Just a Fraction

Can’t be done

Save in the Spirit

Works that bless a Holy God.
Strains to strive
In mortal measure
Miss the Way that Jesus trod.
Pumped in prayer
From last night’s waiting
Waiting for the Season’s Word
Cleared the slate
Of pointless fretting
That the One Voice might be heard.
Heard, and then
The surge of power
Fresh with Throne Room’s vital force
Makes the day
And heals the heartache
All the Spirit’s work, of course.
In such power
The Great Commission
And the ethic of our Christ
Heals the wan
And saves the sorrowful
Freely, without coin or price.
Doug Blair, Waterloo,Ontario

2 thoughts on “Romans 8: Just a Fraction

  1. We were talking this way over a year ago AG. Must be something to it. (Doug)

  2. Well, there’s a couple of possibilities maybe more.
    1) no progress
    2) we think alike
    3) might be “something to it”
    (yours to fill in doug:)

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