Next Steps

Short and to the point but still a “Rorschach” to many who see and hear, only what they want to.
Wouldn’t matter if it were ten pages long or explained in great detail.

Cry in the hospital!
Cry at the funeral!
Cry at the cemetery!
But Why stand in puddles of our own tears?!
What do tears have to do with walking?
Walk, damn it walk!!!
But get offa’ your ass,
Till you cry no more!
Then turn around and see…
How far you’ve come!
“Who tells us we are naked?”
Nothing wrong with sorrow, grieving is a natural, necessary process.
You can “cry,”
and yet still…
Turn around and kick the devil’s ass!
he doesn’t give us any breaks during these times,
matter of fact that’s when he pounces most, at our weakest points!  

Anthony Gomez, Moncks Corner, South Carolina

“recently, Anthony walked through major surgery. Ironic.” (Doug)


One thought on “Next Steps

  1. I cried doug…I don’t even remember writing this. ironically, it really kicked my butt!
    Wow…my head is reeling!
    I apologize for the language…I just kinda’ let this one go!

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