Crowds having left sands
Of summer’s frolic
Cardigan against the chill
But sandals still
For that feel
Between the toes.
Waves assault
And growl
‘Gainst the change
Pebbles hiss their response
Rounded they are
Through years in the pulse.
Dune grasses yellowed
But bound to return.
Nothing on this turf
Of produce or manufacture.
Place only of rest
Roaming and reflection
By the Sea’s breezy music.
Grey-blue above
Precludes the sun
Wrapping the Visitor
In melancholy.
Plucky gulls bobbing
Until re-launched
To realm of their release
Crying in two-tone hilarity
That Someone Else
Feels the interlude’s delight.
Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario

One thought on “Beach-Walk

  1. Wrapped in the arms of His awesome, mighty power … the silence of the ocean roar speaks to deep within … takes you right there Doug … a wonderful poem. Thank you.

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