Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

Oh the heart’s desire to be so transparent before the Lover,

the God of all that is, or will be, good, glorious and gainful.

Lay it all…lay it all… in plain view…perplexed heart,

for the grand Clarification.

And He allows His partner from eternal ages past

to leave the throne room for a hasty arrival,

in the midst of beasts in a strange city.

A Mother has graciously heard the offer

and replied, “Be it unto me”.

A Caretaker somewhat baffled, has brought the little family the distance for civic duty,

and has secured a point of arrival,

at last possible moment’s relief.

And the LIFE, the WORD, is translated…

into diapers and a doting little Mother’s embrace.

Did He not make Himself transparent unto you?

Will you now not reciprocate in all humility and trust?

Finding the letting go exquisitely enlightening.

An intimacy that you will never abandon.

Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario


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