Where You Are Not

A fellow blogger writes about the difficulties of Christian witness in an increasingly skittish and godless society. He thinks back about the surprising influence of a praying mother in a supposedly small circle of influence. He reminds that we must not be pining for the exotic opportunity of missions abroad or the big podium when God has placed us where He has. Nothing is random. Any day the conscionable Christian may encounter that soul on the table ready for gentle surgery, or even perhaps just a faithful word in season. Remember that God is working the alchemy, and He may choose to use a donkey, a painting, a child’s tears or your one encouraging comment.

I responded in that posting with a comment:

You cannot minister where you are not. On any given day you may be seized with golden opportunity…but that is God’s call. Pray to be ready, and forget about doubting yourself. It’s not about you.

Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario



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