And I listened to the song

In my room alone.

One light by the desk.

Spoke of storms

and suffering

Seemingly endless.

A strange pressure came to my ears

Rumbling unprecedented

A quivering to my belly

A wetness to my eyes.

I closed them

And it was dark

Dark like never before

Feeling of non-existence

Couldn’t believe it.

Opened them again

Yep, light still on.

Closed once more for the experiment.

That thing in my ears continuing.

Perhaps darker still

Darkness of abuse, loneliness.

Misunderstanding, oppression,

Grinding illness. Hunger.

A voice said, “Now you see it.

Feel it, as I do.”

I desired to stay there

Belly still quivering

Back of neck a-tingle

Almost into ecstatic utterance.

And the singer continued:

“I love my Captain

And the creaking of the riggin’

In the wind.

Think I’m gonna sail away

With Him.”

Eyes now opened




Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario

…master, master, we perish. then He arose


One thought on “Darkness

  1. Floyd says:

    Powerful words… Seeing truth with our soul is so much more powerful than seeing with our eyes…

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