How Our Dialogue Began in Earnest

It was a privilege to hear from you by phone. Please confirm again your number and I will call at an appropriate time. My new cell phone number is __________. Gave up on the land line number that I had for years. Too much irritation with the canvassers, etc. Imagine both me and my wife into cellular! (The kids just chuckle.)
Your thoughts are appreciated.
You have seen that glazed look that comes over parishioners as they swallow the messages of “priest-craft”. They stop thinking for themselves; stop reading scripture as the Spirit leads; miss out on the real adventure.
Understand that I am not ANGRY with the churches. I just see so much more waiting in the wings. Like what you saw ministering to the young guy on the loading dock.
Press on dear BRO. (Doug wrote)

exactly why can’t more people get this?! (Anthony wrote)

I respect your decision on (another writer’s forum). I have your phone number. Might I get your email address? Would you consider your own blog? You wouldn’t have to update it with any burdensome frequency, only when you really felt a leading to pass something on. Somehow, somewhere keep releasing your good stuff. I realize that “hands on help” in on-the-road encounters will now be the main thing, and that is as it should be. Again, for me it’s (email address) (Doug wrote)


oh, to breakfast with Him


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