Today’s Thought: J. R. Miller

The two disciples heard him speak, and they followed Jesus. – John 1:37

The Church of Christ had a very small beginning. Two young men went home with Jesus one day and learned that He was the Messiah. One of these two men was Andrew. In the eagerness of his joy he sought his own brother, and told him that he had found the Messiah. Then we have this little note. “He brought him to Jesus.” It took only a few moments, but tremendous results followed.

This brother whom he brought was the Peter of the New Testament. We do not know when we bring anyone to Christ what we are doing, what this person may do for the world. Andrew seems not to have been a very great man himself, and not to have done a vast amount of work as an apostle. But if he never did anything but bring his fisherman brother to Christ, that was worth living for. To bring one man to the Saviour and to start him on a career as a Christian is a service of incalculable value. It is the starting of a life on a career of blessing for the world.

Note: You might check out the link in the sidebar for a devotional from Rev. Miller for each day.



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