Through the Eye of a Needle

Leave all…and follow Him

That was His answer

I had stolen time out of my day

To hear the Master

(Or so they were calling Him)

I had simply asked

What must I do

To see this thing through?

He took me to the law

Familiar ground

And diligently followed

Best I could

Obedience, reverence, clean tongue

Nary a misdemeanor

From youngest days.

And wealth had come.

Hadn’t Heaven smiled?

But now the Carpenter says:

“Drop it, disdain it, divide it

…And simply follow.”

Not me, not now.

Why does this guy

Raise such excitement


Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario


One thought on “Through the Eye of a Needle

  1. Planting Potatoes says:

    like this one, thanks!

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