Take this from me Lord
i repent of it

i give it to thee

As i come before you
it is before me
before you
from me
the high cost
of your dispensation
given free

while at work a year ago
i accidently cut my finger to the bone
curse words welled up inside of me
but all morn prior
i had prayed to Thee

stifled was my cry of pain
as i recalled your suffering
ignoring the throbbing
that came
i cried only to think
of what was done to you
the image flashed across my mind
with sudden clarity
Holy Spirit
told me what i needed to do

i humbly called upon Your Name

Lord, this pain i offer to you
along with my tears
Lord please hear my prayer

pain seeks to play upon my fears
can You take this from me
a humble offering
in supplication
for sinners everywhere

if it please You Lord
then it would please me too”

before i was even done…
the pain was completely gone.

Anthony Gomez, Moncks Corner, South Carolina



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