“And that’s the kind of day it’s been”
The trusted newsman said
He faced the camera, earnest look
Until the light went red
He tapped his notes and gave a sigh
Another day of pain
A school bus crash, a factory fire
Manila’s floods and rain
A killer caught; his small town stunned
(He once had taught their school)
A movie star behind the wheel
Impaired, the bottle’s fool
The President abroad again
While inner-cities rot
The lives, the loves, the lust, the loss
All given fleeting thought.
“It’s what they want”, he’d told his aide
While prepping to go on
And sadly nothing phased him now
Compassion, hope most gone
The Christmas cards on Julie’s desk
Were just a passing blur
The mugger hunkered by his car
“A pretty bust for sure!”

Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario


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