I am slipping it ever so gentle

‘Round men and their plans, you see.

‘Round projects so seemingly worthy

Hah! The net that will draw them to me!

I cut them some slack for endeavour,

For good deeds at no paltry price.

And men will speak well of the effort

Of service that disregards Christ.

Oh yes, I have serfs in the gutter

Who roll in the mud and morass.

But happier am I at the praises

These do-gooders hear as they pass.

They think they are earning right-standing.

Exactly with whom they’re not sure.

And meanwhile my net has been tightening

It will, when their motives aren’t pure.

(Apollyon in the Greek means Destroyer)

Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario


2 thoughts on “Apollyon

  1. Very clever thought-provoking post Doug. Can just imagine the scenario unfolding.

  2. Anthony gomez says:

    You force me to research and think, that is a “good” thing!

    “APOLLYON: But you have already been unfaithful in serving
    your new Lord, so how is it possible for you to receive any wages
    from him?
    CHRISTIAN: Tell me, oh Apollyon, in what ways have I been
    unfaithful to him?
    APOLLYON: Very soon after leaving the City of Destruction,
    you were quickly discouraged when you almost drowned in the
    Slough of Despond. You made several wrong attempts to be rid of
    your burden, whereas you should have waited until your Prince
    relieved you of it himself. Through shameful oversleeping, you lost
    a very precious personal possession; also you were nearly
    persuaded to turn back at the sight of those fierce lions; and when
    you converse, as you travel, of what you have heard and seen, your
    inward desire is for personal glory with regard to everything that
    you say or do.13
    CHRISTIAN: All that you say is true; in fact there is much more
    that you have left out. But the Prince who I serve and honor is very
    merciful and most willing to forgive;14 but besides this, these
    misdemeanors were committed in your territory where I was
    educated in them; and as a consequence I have grieved over them
    and repented of ever doing such things. Furthermore, I have
    received a full pardon regarding these crimes from my Prince.”

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