house of the lord

What shall it take?

What is left to break?

Meager crumbles of see shells in hand

Forming castles from grains of sand


When the tides rise again

The slate wiped clean

Canvas made pristine

Call upon The Victor’s name


Preserved in icy depths they’ve slept

All through the Birth

The Life

The death

All that passed

All that is

All that will be

Abide in a promise kept


Frost-bite sears like a torch

Extremities blackened and desensitized to pain

Inner parts buckle from the strain

A soul knows when purging has begun

Willing captive to:

“Thy Will Be Done”


The Physician makes the first incision

Adjustments now too late to second guess

Tick tock…

Awake and breathing,

who would have guessed?


Is this here and now,

Or there and then?

For the Life in me,

In the Life of You


There was a time

Not so long ago…

“as often happens in dreams”-(J.Bunyan)

That I thought to be sure,

I’d know the difference

Anthony Gomez. Moncks Corner, S.C.




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