Pommes de terre

Apples of the earth
Formed from the earth
Adam, common stuff.

Raised from subterranean mounds
Beige, white, red, yellow
All coming to the Feast
Brought from all points
Inca delights
Imported by Sea Dogs
Salvation of Emerald Isle
Several times
Faith ‘n begorrah
Soaked and water baptized
Peeled of rough exteriors
Eyes having little use
Cut and cut again
“Out cursed spot”
Boiled for better
Good measure
Pressed down
And shaken together
To a smooth and homogeneous
Milk of human kindness added
Salt of the earth
Now delicacy of butter,
And on comes the hallowed Feast.
Fully prepared
The Apples of His eye.


Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario


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