Catch and Release

I thought I got your point

And made it wholly mine

Observed the dangling lure

The shimmering ten-pound line.

I gulped the mouthful quick

And felt it cut inside

Got more than I had planned

Now in for quite a ride.

The hook had other plans

And some might work me ill

A smarty, no not me

A sharp and chastening pill.

That world’s a biggun yes?

And I see but a shade

And all too quickly guess

At things that Wisdom made.

What’s that… I feel a shift

And lesser now the pain

Pass on this humbling gift

And spit it out again.


3 thoughts on “Catch and Release

  1. Anthony gomez says:


  2. AG please realize that this message is for all of us…and besides, I was just funning you about that fishing stuff and that private joke which shall remain unmentioned.

  3. Anthony gomez says:

    I’m still laughing…

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