Sandra’s Heartfelt Cry

Still, as one who has done due diligence on her knees, and I have recommitted to that one most critical brand of activism, I dare say that if/when the tide finally starts to turn, it will not be due to the political process, it will not be due to the marches on Washington, it will not be because of which voting block any party managed to conquer.  I believe it will be because somewhere, someone recognized that they needed to put their faith back upon the Faithful One, and direct their appeal there.  In my opinion, what difference does Vacation Bible School, Worship Service, Christmas Pageants, soup kitchens, and all the other wonderful things that many churches do, what difference will those make if we allow this nation to continue to slide into the abyss, where the mere use of the phrase “Merry Christmas” can result in someone losing their job, and where a Christian is not allowed to mention Jesus outside the doors of the church.  Not that a lot of them do anyway, but my point is, we’ve got the cart before the horse.  We’ve got priorities all backward.

Sandra Lloyd

Note: Wow! This is truly prophetic and most necessary. Churches please abandon your “Yay-team” attitude. You DO NOT have it all together with programs and numbers. Do you find yourself in the place of Esther, or not?

Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario


One thought on “Sandra’s Heartfelt Cry

  1. Anthony gomez says:

    Powerful message laser pin-pointed accuracy.

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