This Guy Anthony

…is a delight. he started out giving me a hard time on another forum site. We both wrote, usually in very different styles. We caught each other’s attention. We argued. We played “one-ups-man-ship”. But apparently we couldn’t stay miffed for long. Started making comments of affirmation and friendly development. Started to get inside each other’s hearts and past wanderings. Friendship. That’s what it is. But not sealed with a handshake to date.

Anthony the transport driver and Doug the factory shipper-receiver. Delivering some nifty stuff together. Let’s travel on, Bro. Now over 300 posts.

Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario


4 thoughts on “This Guy Anthony

  1. What a sweet post … brothers in Christ.

  2. Anthony gomez says:

    Everyone loves a good glass of wine but nobody wants to put time in to stomp a few grapes, Amen?!
    If that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes…we can wash feet afterwards.

  3. Anthony gomez says:

    I retracted it, I was joking but upon further examination I could see how it might be mis-construed. I got nothing but love for you bro’!
    Please forgive my trespass.

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