He Paints Hope

Rainbows have always held a special place with our family. There was the rainbow over Niagara Falls as I job- searched after a business failure in Chatham. There was the rainbow over our Waterloo neighbourhood as placements  for a time seemed to change with jarring rapidity. There was the rainbow over the Kitchener factory where I learned cabinet-making. There was the double rainbow out in Wellesley Township as Hilary and I struggled through a time of relationship issues. There was the rainbow leading with a storm all the way to Stratford from the funeral of a family friend in London. And so it goes…

Rainbows seem to give us hope. God is in them. Sun is returning. I would suggest that the message of the Gospel is also clearly stated in this spectrum phenomenon:
“A noble King (Violet) left Heaven (Blue) to come to earth (Green) to present the Light of Life (Yellow) to Human Clay (Orange) at the cost of His Own Blood (Red).”

Nifty. He is in charge. He cares.

Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario


One thought on “He Paints Hope

  1. Joy radiating through the tears of life …

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