A Tight Summary of Our Mess

This razor-sharp evangelical heart clarifies the “authoritative message” of the New Testament, and faces full on the hazard of being called intolerant and dogmatic in a liberal Western world that seems to cry out for man’s definition of love (not God’s) through the inclusive and the fluctuating.

Books and books and books on the Epistles may be found on the shelves from this apologist, but here he pin-points our problems and the only solution in 20 minutes.

I believe that the interviewer plays devil’s advocate yet smiles as she watches the old Expositor knock down with holy confidence every pin of unbelief and rebellion, philosophy and vain deceit.

But I know that many watching will be rankled because they have not yet been slapped across the back of the head by the mercy of conviction of sin, and by the revelation and astonishment of atonement’s plan (Isaiah 53). Such matters remain in the hands of Sovereign God and His exquisite timing.


2 thoughts on “A Tight Summary of Our Mess

  1. I listened to this last evening while sleepy and struggling with a toothache, sheer boredom!
    I listened again this morning after walking the dogs then centering in prayer in the cool quiet predawn (whole different world) and eventually sipping a cup of coffee…now it was riveting!!
    I am being honest, yesterday It seemed like i could have cared less.
    I wouldn’t call it indifference or apathy but rather a lack of preparation to hear, hear and really hear.
    “Faith doth come by hearing”
    Too distracted by too many things at once and I think essentially this is exactly the problem with most of us.
    The believer in Christ can find “center” in a tilted world no matter how disorienting the storm and there are many types of storms that assail us on a daily basis. Currently I am unable to work due to illness, I have no income whatsoever but somehow God has seen us through 3-1/2 months of this struggle. Will we lose our home? We don’t know but we do know that if we lose Faith then a home or anything else will not matter one bit.
    I refuse to listen to any talk of losing one’s home, home is Christ in us apart from Christ, is to be truly separated from reality “spiritually bankrupt and truly homeless.”
    I have been homeless in the worldly sense, eaten from garbage cans, slept where I could. I was accompanied through the entire journey, met and received kindnesses from total strangers on a level I could not have ever imagined existed. it is not until one is in a position (the precipice cliche’) to have to rely on God totally that one can even begin to comprehend just how “in control” of all things, He actually is.
    Yesterday afternoon while coming back from a brief outing i witnessed something streaking across the sky like a huge rocket with a large bluish reddish plume trail behind it. i didn’t know what it was but i was completely fascinated by it…pulled over to the side of the road to watch. Turned out that yesterday was the last day of a meteor shower, i had seen this before in the dark but never knew how beautiful in broad daylight!
    Like a star with a flaming rainbow trail behind it, it reminded me of the flame tip of an oxy-acetylene torch and where had i seen that recently? Why as an illustration in one of your posts! So you see how all things no matter how great or small tie in?
    i am 54 years old and this sighting was a first for me. Seems silly doesn’t it, to feel so small so suddenly?
    Perspective. Perspective. Perspective.
    i find great comfort in such timely Divine revelations.
    Oh B.T.W., any idea when the smacking in the back of the head ceases if ever?
    At this point i would miss it sorely if it did.

  2. Those smacks are mere love taps, and you know it AG.
    I find it interesting that I thought the interviewer was secretly cheering for the Old Boy’s comebacks, whereas some other You Tube commenters thought that she was totally antagonistic. All that Lloyd Jones said in 1970 has only intensified in degree ever since. Man tries even harder now to pick and choose, to vacillate on standards and to be his own god.

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