When Our Bodies Are Broken…

I want to bring to your attention a wonderful, hopeful post by Anita Hunt, dated today.

“We struggle to see how perfect and pain can possibly be used within the same sentence, but God meets with us in our pain, and removes the horizon of what we think is possible, for His glory.” – See more at: http://www.hopeflourishes.com/bodies-broken/#sthash.uwpPoPXW.dpuf


5 thoughts on “When Our Bodies Are Broken…

  1. And oh! what beautiful fragrance those roses give that pierce through the cracks … thanks Doug.

  2. The plane moves along the grain
    Shavings curl and fall aside
    Taking form…
    A new creation in The Master-Craftsman’s hands

  3. That is the image AG. Precisely!

  4. But “Precisely” sometimes is giving too much away, don’t cha’ think?

  5. We don’t come to the understanding of such things without the intervention of a “catalyst” of The Lord’s choice. Sometimes only to be hated first and epiphany of realization sets in much, much later. The catalyst does not always arrive by means of a pleasant word or experience. Though “all things work together for good….”
    But even when it seems as though a different hand is on the trigger, we must remember to be mindful that it is GOD alone who calls all the shots (“though he slay me…”).

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