Jordan (descending)

Many have heard this…but here goes.

The Jordan River in Israel joins two remarkable lakes:

The Sea of Galilee. Where Jesus walked. Villages on the west and imposing hills on the east. Abundant with fish. Verdant. Constantly giving of its own. Overflowing to the Jordan River, but never being depleted.

The Dead Sea. Constantly receiving from the waters to the north. Saline and devoid of life. Hot. Dry.Taking and taking. Nearby stands Jericho, the home of Zacchaeus, the hoarding, extorting tax collector. But he too found new life through the Saviour (Luke 19).

It has also been said that this entire watershed is at the world’s lowest point below sea level. This only goes to reinforce the profoundness of the above illustration. Learn from these two lakes and from the river that perpetually descends; a river by the way, standing in history as the place of washing and repentance.

Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON


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