Wilberforce and Newton

Twenty years of strategizing, humiliation, persistence and prayers to move a House of parliamentarians against their self interest in the souls of oppressed men and women (Revelation 18: 12, 13).


Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON

“And souls of men”

The Wicked City reeks

With every kind of trade

From food to gems

To bondage Commerce made.

But God sees all

And “hisses” for relief

And makes a man, or two

His vessels ending grief.

And they are caught

As in the vise of love

And work, scarce known,

Deliverance from above.

Oh find some way

And make it clear

To these now

Faltering eyes;

My own small part

In Mercy’s Enterprise.

(Zechariah 9: 8-12)

(Zechariah 10: 5-9)


3 thoughts on “Wilberforce and Newton

  1. Now I want to see this movie, “Amazing Grace.”

  2. The best part is Albert Finney playing Newton; not daring for a while to go back to haunting memories of slavery, but then chipping in with Wilberforce full steam. It proved a redemptive act for a great soul haunted with memories and guilt (or so the movie played it). Newton’s hymn lyrics were some of the best. Try to find What Think Ye of Christ?

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