Healing: So What Gives, Blair?

“You applaud the messages of A. A. Allan, R. W. Schambach and Oral Roberts. You post videos on You Tube with readings from John G. Lake (he said medicine was God’s sad second best). But then you post a reading from F. B. Meyer that is all about meek submission and acceptance? Are you sucking and blowing at the same time?”

Answer: I have ongoing health issues; so does Hilary. There have been prayers, laying on of hands, scripture promises recited. Little change for some of the things. I believe that we must pay due respect to God’s Sovereign Larger Plan and issues of chastening (Hebrews 12 and 2 Corinthians 11) and Providence.

A friend of mine has experienced extreme pain and torment but sees it all working out now to the feeding and healing of other sufferers who throw up their fists asking, “Why God?”

The life story of India missionary/poet Amy Carmichael speaks for itself. So does the final trek of malaria ridden Doctor of Africa David Livingstone.

Let me add one more story here. James Robison of the Life Today broadcast. Integrity. Clarity of message. Feeding the hungry. The real deal-you bet. Early in his ministry; essentially an orphaned boy preacher going around to high schools and construction sites with messages of faith, power and surprising results. In the early months add an anointing for healing by faith. Things happened. Crowds came. Billy Graham said “this is the next one”.

But then the healings stopped. Completely. James was baffled and prayed repeatedly “Why God?”

One day at an appointment in a high-rise office tower, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to James. “Those healings Son. If they were to continue you could not bear the fawning and adulation. People would climb up the very walls of this tower to get to YOU. But it wouldn’t be to get to Jesus. I promise you, the day will come when you will do more for my Glory and my Church by just sitting in a lounge chair and speaking plainly to my people.”

Part of God’s Greater Plan. Get it?

But you should also keep pleading those promises (Isaiah 53, 1 Peter 2). The just shall LIVE by faith.

james and betty


One thought on “Healing: So What Gives, Blair?

  1. AHHH…but what pray tell is the “bad stuff?” if God is good all the time, doesn’t the “bad stuff” all work together for good?
    “Bad” is a man-made relative term to describe the absence of good, just as “cold” describes the absence of heat. We don’t measure cold, only heat or lack thereof.
    Everything revolves around light…heat…hate is a relative term to describe the absence of Love and so on…it’s just a matter of perception in my humble opinion:)
    Thereby, we measure Love or the lack thereof.

    “Love must precede hatred, and nothing is hated save through being contrary to a suitable thing which is loved. And hence it is that every hatred is caused by love.”-Thomas Aquinas
    The first time I clearly heard that “small still voice” not as a metaphor, analogy or figure of speech but clearly. Audibly. While wide awake everywhere inside me and all at once. It said: “if you believe…that it…is bad?”
    i was experiencing tremendous anxiety over what had to be faced that day and that was the answer i received and that i now live by in all things and relate to others at every “GIVEN” opportunity.
    In this order.
    Dying a bit more to self with every obedience.
    “So what gives?”
    We can only “Give” what has been imparted to us to share.
    And the Truth is, “though our sins are forgiven us” we allow doubt to creep in if we cannot in Faith pick up our pallets and walk.

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