Fellow Travelers

The Easter message read again:
“He died to save us from our sins.”
Remembering the entombed Lord;
Remembering the angel’s word:
“He is not here.”

The liturgy, the songs, the same.
The season filled with practiced mirth.
But how my heart craved something real!
Not traditions with crowd appeal.
Was Christ alive?

Perhaps, if I engaged in work,
To bless the church with my small skills?
A sense of worthiness to gain,
A right to bear his holy name;
Would this fulfill?

But then, I saw Church Treasurer,
Just back from taking morning’s count;
With fretful gazing at the clock,
With painful bearing Pastor’s talk.
No real joy there.

And so, I left at twelve fifteen,
Politely saying no to tea.
How quickly Bibles put away!
How quickly plans consumed their day!
Was this Christ’s Church?

…Another day, upon the bus,
The same thoughts came to haunt my mind.
Christ’s parables, mere wistful breath?
Cruel Calvary, a pointless death?
Or was there more?

Just then, the man across the aisle,
Put down his book, and looked at me.
As if that time were just for us,
He asked: “Do you know Jesus?”
His face was bright.

I stammered: “Yes…I go to church.”
My soul was screaming deep within.
He talked of sin in each man’s heart;
How Christ endured the scapegoat’s part.
“Had I been saved?”

I asked him simply, “Saved from what?”
Not having often thought of Hell.
Then oh what joy! The truth revealed!
Through Christ’s blood, God saw my sins healed,
If I would call!

And so, dear friend, I had right there
A revelation of God’s love,
Which sent His only Son to death;
To spill His blood, to spend His breath,
To pay sin’s price.

He spoke of child-like faith to call
A new Spirit into my heart.
And showed me how this Gospel plan
Cured Adam’s Fall for peace with man.
“Would I repent?”

In all this talk of sin’s great cost,
I saw the reason for my fuss.
God’s Spirit had been probing me,
And wooing me, and showing me.
I would be lost!

My stop arrived; friend got off too.
And led me in a simple prayer.
Forgiveness was accomplished there.
And in my heart I KNEW Christ’s care.
I found my Lord!

From that encounter much has changed.
I found a church of Bible truth.
There is a sense of victory there;
Of zealous praise, of family prayer.
Now Jesus lives!

And in such mercy given me,
There is new life of peace and hope.
I know the reason for my search,
To rest in Christ and not just church.
He is my all.

And so, I have this choice for you.
To show you Christ, to help you through.
Perhaps you sense the Spirit’s power.
Drawing, urging: “Make this your hour!”
He waits for you.

A span of time which can’t be told,
Hangs in the balance of this choice.
I speak to your eternal soul:
Be saved, be cleansed, be His, be whole!
All else is loss.

There is no time, no moment when
You’re fitter to be born again,
Than when you see His blood’s bless’d flow
As all you need to trust or know
To set you free.

Yes, free from all the guilt and pain
Of hurtful deeds you might have done.
Or even worse, of years’ disdain
For what you cost God’s precious Son.
Please, come to Him!

And find that life has just begun
With challenges ‘til now unknown;
In partnership with God’s brave Son,
His servant ‘til the race is run.
And you reach Home!

MATTHEW 11: 28, 29, 30
Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON


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