Who will step forward this time to claim yet another beautiful Spirit inspired illustration as their own “intellectual property” and ask that credit be given to them or that it be removed?
What is the cost to be able to post this?
What is the price?
One clue…this is a very loaded question,
Who has borne that load for us?
If asked to i will remove this picture, but it cannot be erased.
Nothing we can “do” can erase it.


One thought on “untitled.png

  1. Nyark, nyark…I have always thought that images are to be shared as freely as possible. I am walking down a country road. Beautiful sunrise making the heart sing as God’s handiwork again overwhelms. I guess I should go back to the intersection and throw up the barricade. This one is mine! NOT. The next posted picture is from DB’s travels and is absolutely free. Offered in exchange for Anthony’s cross and robe. A RANSOM if you will.

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