So Walk Ye in Him



4 thoughts on “So Walk Ye in Him

  1. The point to this little book is that it is all about Grace. We entered into this walk as beggars. We develop in the same fashion. But with all the teaching that bombards us and peer pressure in the churches, we get to thinking that we must muster something. “I can do this. I can do that. I won’t do the other.” (A sneaky sort of self-reliance.)

  2. Read. Can’t make any promises, only that it has been filed and the appropriate search engines will pull it forth from Spirit when seeking answers in earnest if and when applicable to a particular situation or assignment.
    (can’t guarantee that i will not fall into the “self-reliance” trap, better than i have).
    “But God…”

  3. This is just a book of helps. Optional. Consumer’s choice. But I know of one library with 66 Books. That One is necessary food.

  4. It was received graciously, thank you.

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