Precious Word

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One thought on “Precious Word

  1. That is AMAZING!
    What is even more amazing, is how a Sovereign God can use anyone or anything at anytime as He wills to serve His purpose and will. Not everyone who wields a Bible automatically uses it for the intended purpose.
    Some Bibles are supporting a missing leg on a bed frame.
    A craftsman uses specialized tools for specific purposes, but if one must drive in a nail to complete a project and no hammer is available…one may use a ‘Rock’ if need be to get the job done.
    All at once a Divine Cornerstone rejected and Holy implement.
    When i was a child and i would outgrow my shoes and we couldn’t afford new ones my Mom used a tablespoon in lieu of a shoe horn to make them fit.
    We make the best use of what we have been Given and do not bemoan what we do not have because we have already been Gifted with everything we will ever need!
    “Faith comes by hearing…” these believers in China were already Blessed before even physically holding a Bible of their own in their hands.
    How much more so now!
    Praise be to God!

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