Worship on Campus

I cannot say that either of the universities in Waterloo offers a campus-wide worship service such as the above. There are some small ethnic fellowships and seminary chapel gatherings (Lutheran, Catholic, Mennonite), but by and large the straight-jacket of Canadian Multiculturalism has won the day. Touted as “tolerance” it has removed the Christian conscience as a collective.

I do have one distinctive recollection however. It involved Chinese students. I had gone one Sunday morning to one of my favourite campus buildings at Wilfrid Laurier University. There were comfortable study rooms where at that time I could read and pray. I learned much about shutting up and listening for HIM in those sessions. A central elevator and stairway in the building made for a four-story open space shaft from top to bottom. I could hear the rumblings and pleasant chatter of a gathering group, presumably in the larger ground floor auditorium.

About forty minutes later I got up to stretch my legs and headed downstairs. What did I hear but familiar worship choruses beautifully harmonized in some Chinese dialect. I stayed out of sight but drank it in for about ten minutes. Next I climbed all four levels of stairs and leaned over the top balcony railing at that central open space.

Their singing was ascending higher, and I do mean HIGHER. I experienced a strange melancholy and unity of spirit, although I did not understand a single word. Never forgot it. At later opportunities some of these kids would tell me of the oppression and fear that they had left behind in the homeland. Worship was liberty and NOT the opposite.

Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON


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