Won’t decide for you
This thing hurts terribly
I get only a part of it.
And you are reeling.
It’s too big
Too hard to chew
What to do?
No amateur Providence here
Just a friend
Until the end
And it will end you know.
And you will grow.
I will say “Don’t rush”
God’s precious hush
Must clear the static
Calm the jangled nerves
And so He serves
As you resort to prayer
Sense His greater care
Yes He’s there.
And line by line
His will comes into view
To guide you through.
And threats fall down
Yes, one by one
They topple down.
Your part is small
He heard your call.
Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON

3 thoughts on “Conundrum

  1. So beautiful Doug … just perfect right now (and always). A love drenched ‘Band-Aid’ that once removed leaves eternal restoration.

  2. This is really bizarre. Home sick from work today. Staying out of bed long enough to phone in. A cell phone buzzes. An incoming email while I review this poem Conundrum. Posted it before on Stuff That Rhymes. The email is Liana from Australia (It’s the end of her day down there, and summer to boot). She says “Like” and thanks. I chuckle and I am warmed and comforted from a distance. Quite something, this internet…

  3. anthony gomez says:


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