Nehemiah Restores Feast of Tabernacles

Yes a week unparalleled

As we gathered in accord

And the old man took his station

Reading from God’s Holy Word.

We had long neglected it

Seed-time came

And harvest went.

But the reading now was glorious

And the meaning Heaven sent.

With new ears we heard the mandate

Eat and drink and blessings share.

And those Booths again

We’ll build them.

Not a sad face, not a care.

Had it really been since Joshua?

We had gone ahead without?

If the weeping is forbidden

Then by God, you’ll hear us shout!

Back to homeland, back to pray

Walls rebuilt, no more to stray.

(Nehemiah 8)

Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON

Note: Just imagine. A society gathered and made to see, really see, its shortcomings before the Living Word. And priests and scribes all around giving “the sense of it”. And holy lights turning on in many hearts. And intense weeping made to stop in order that the lavish celebrations of Mercy might proceed. This would be revival. Nehemiah is all about mechanics of revival.


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