Spire in Old Town Montreal

My son has a friend whose Father is seriously ill and fallen into a coma. She lives in the country outside Montreal. Jordan’s apartment is right downtown. He is a commercial airlines pilot off-duty for several days.

The friend asked if he would go to Notre Dame Cathedral and light a candle and say a prayer for her Father. (In that hopeless place for man’s ability, but looking with new, earnest eyes upon God’s ability.)

The above picture was taken by my Son after he had fulfilled the request. Doubtless he was quite moved by all the sights, sounds and serenity of that ancient place.

I remember a holiday trip as a student in February, probably 1972. Four of us took a tag-along propane equipped trailer to Montreal and Quebec City. We had a great time. Food. Francophone. Freedom.(all during what was labeled as “Study Week”). The only concrete image that remains with me now is that old Cathedral and all the votive candles and the silent pacing of some reverent believers on stone floors on an overcast winter Sunday’s afternoon.

Remember this Jordan. The friend’s Father is in capable loving Hands, regardless


Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON


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