By James Montgomery

A Sweet Landscape

Sweet was the scene! apart the cedars stood. A sunny islet open’d in the wood; With vernal tints the wild-brier as thicket glows, For here the desert flourish’d as the rose; From sapling trees with lucid foliage crown’d, Gay lights and shadows twinkled on the ground: Up the tall stems luxuriant creepers run To hang their silver blossoms in the sun; Deep velvet verdure clad the turf beneath, Where trodden flowers their richest odours breathe; O’er all, the bees with murmuring music flew From bell to bell, to sip the treasured dew; Whilst insect myriads in their solar gleams, Glanced to and fro, like intermingling beams; So fresh, so pure, the woods, the sky, the air, It seem’d a place where angels might repair, And tune their harps beneath those tranquil shades, To morning songs or moonlight serenades!

James Montgomery

One thought on “By James Montgomery

  1. To take a walk in such a place!

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