Whisper Over the Shoulder

Up early and shaving. Rehearsing in the mind just how to play it. This had the promise of a very big day, and I so wanted things to turn out well.

New blade in the razor. “Watch it Son, you don’t want to go into that meeting looking like a self-offering”. Chuckled to myself.

Thought of my prayers half an hour prior. Standing there. Just standing, looking at the face in the mirror.

A confident, comforting Voice registers in the sub-conscious:

“You do your part as I have prepared you. I will do the rest. You know that this is how this thing works. And my part is BY FAR the greater one. I’ve got you covered Son.”

Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON


One thought on “Whisper Over the Shoulder

  1. Needed that whisper today, thank you.

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