Arm Wrasslin’

In email exchanges you, Anthony, and I have been considering the reliability of one of the sources you quoted in a post. Nothing wrong with the quote, but on other points of doctrine I stated that I had real problems with that speaker’s grasp of the doctrine of Christ, judgment, mercy etc. I issued a warning, somewhat like a cranky old woman. You, Anthony, reminded me kindly of our duty to look for points of agreement rather than grounds for battle with others naming the name of Jesus. (Luke 9: 49, 50)

I needed that shot. A smack across the back of the head, lovingly mind you.

Thanks Bro’

I post this because I think that someone out there needs to be reminded of what we are shown in Romans chapters 14 and 15 about quibbling over non-essentials. I missed it. Also someone needs to see honest conflict resolution between Brothers in the faith.

It isn’t always just “Praise the Lord and pass the potato salad”.

Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON


One thought on “Arm Wrasslin’

  1. Now you’ve gone and done it! Taken the fun right out of it! What am I gonna’ do with you…My friend?!
    And where pray tell is the “potato salad?!”
    And i’ll add this Doug if ever there comes a time that a challenge to arm wrassle with you be issued, you can be assured that i would not raise a hand against a brother in Christ…not even in jest. if the enemy is in it, then remember that it is better to enter Heaven with a limb missing than to go to hell fully in tact.

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