House Rules: Sound and Helpful

This is my Sanctuary.

This is where hope waits around every corner.

This is where I’m always greeted with open arms.

This is where my body language speaks volumes.

This is where I’m allowed to feel hurt. worried and stressed.

This is where I can get away from the hurt, worry and stress.

This is where my kids can be kids. And so can I.

This is where I play whatever game I want.

This is where I laugh as much as I cry.

This is my Ronald McDonald House.

This is where families find a home away from home.

Close to their sick children.

Note: I read this at a restaurant on a paper placemat under the Golden Arches. Wow what a sense of mission. What comfort. Almost a Christ-like statement of purpose, no?


3 thoughts on “House Rules: Sound and Helpful

  1. That depends…did you get the “happy meal?,” the big breakfast w/hotcakes? egg mcmuffin? McCafe fancy schmancy wanna’ be starbucks coffee? O.J.? hot chocolate? diet coke? It all matters you know? Tells a lot about a person. Others are attentive keen observers to such nuances ya’ know? Or did it simply not matter being in the “now” what anyone else thought? Have you ever offered to pay for a total stranger’s meal? And the all important question…did you win anything for free in the monopoly game? And…did you stare at the menu undecided for an inordinate period of time stupefied, mystified, undecided, as if seeing it for the first time,Though you already know the menu by heart?
    Love ya’!
    p.s., please tell me you didn’t take off your shoes and crawl through the tubes or go tumbling in the kids bouncy ball castle.
    (suddenly I find myself craving a 20pc. mcnuggets w/habanero ranch dipping sauce)

  2. Even Ronald is capable of eliciting good thought. Incomprehensible, I know. Are you as down on sheer capitalism as I am:)
    Bacon ‘n egg bagel. Fun room is a done deal now. I wept.

  3. Occasionally I go through the drive thru and treat my golden retreiver (Mr. Clooney) to a sausage biscuit. Before we leave the house all I have to say to him is: “do you want to go to the little window” and he goes nuts and howls!
    “Bacon” can never go wrong with bacon!
    And “bagels!” (I hear angels singing) Oh, how I lived on bagels in N.Y.C. ! And what I wouldn’t give for a real N.Y. bagel in the south!

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