Thank You Lord for Praying

Thank You, Christ, my Savior, Though none may know my name, You are up in Heaven, Lord, And there for me You pray. You know all of my needs, You’re with me everywhere, You love me more than I could know And for me deeply care.

And every night and day You’re praying for my needs, You know them all, yes every one, Not one can hide from Thee. And when I sometimes fall You come and help me stand; You don’t condemn, you just forgive And wash me clean again.

Oh Jesus, this I know, Though none might for me pray You are praying for me, Lord, Yes, every night and day. And I will thank You, Lord, For You know all my cares, And You are ever in control, Who prays and hears our prayers. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Prayer Poem © S.D.Harden 2014 All Rights Reserved.

This is an appreciative re-blog from Suzanne Davis Harden.

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One thought on “Thank You Lord for Praying

  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful prayer Doug.

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