Sunrise by the Seine

Imagine being 27 again. Cheap air fare because you’re a pilot. Snap decision to try 5 days in Paris in March. Extensive walking tours. Totally a loner trip. Bumping into a young girl on the plane whose parents would have a friend running a cheap hostel in the City.

Late winter. No line-ups for the Louvre or Notre Dame Cathedral or the Eiffel Tower or the Palace and Grounds at Versailles.

Yep, pretty nice…and so it was over the last week for my son Jordan. Sheesh.

Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON

Egyptian exhibit at the Louvre – Napoleon swiped it

Palais de Versaille

owned by somebody who’s nuts with hydro

Notre Dame Cathedral (hunchback was away)

early morning’s walk…café accordions came later


3 thoughts on “Sunrise by the Seine

  1. Not too shabby, at twenty seven I was driving pilots and stewardesses to and from J.F.K., Newark and LaGuardia in a taxi. They rarely would give me the time of day…Good for him!-A.G.

  2. Apparently it runs “in the family” because Doug and i chat all the time, keep the pictures coming please…tip o’ the iceberg yet!

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