In the Ark, Safe

The Rest has come

When all outside is writhing

And Judgment’s Flood

Has checked all sin and vice

And God had warned

That mortal plans were folly

“Build my Ark”, His only sound advice.

And they had mocked

While I and family gathered

And they had watched all creatures enter in.

This Vessel meant to be the means of mercy

As thunder growled and

This day’s sunlight

Grew so threateningly dim.

We cannot watch the waters

Rise in devastation

Our only door aimed Heavenward

By His intent.

But we can hear their cries

Untimely pleadings

Too late to honour all our God had meant.


Note: In the original language the name Noah meant “rest”.


One thought on “In the Ark, Safe

  1. So uncanny…this has been on my mind for days. A.G.

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