Robbed-Doug Blair

good samaritanStop. Look. Lighten.

Robbed, stripped, abandoned

Of every hope and plan

Dropped here and left for dead

Would no one help this man?

Religion in it’s busy-ness

Was quick to pass on by

Tradition simply crossed the road

Lest duty would espy

But then a fellow traveler

Who knew the risks around

Came close, in earshot of his moans

Stopped his beast, a gentle ass

Who silently observed

As he stooped toward the ground

The Mercy, drink and helping hand

With which his master served

He lifted up the drooping frame

Walked while patient rode

And gave the world this timeless charge

To bear a neighbor’s load

(Luke 10)


3 thoughts on “Robbed-Doug Blair

  1. anthony gomez says:

    Thank you very much, all was received in good order!
    Many good deeds for ones neighbor’s have been initiated by first getting off of one’s “ass.”

    • I see that you got the package mailed. Don’t really know why I sent it. An impulse. The notes were entered in an old book of Psalms that had been within reach over the years and through many experiences. Just wanted to share something “close to skin, bruises and earnest thoughts”.

  2. anthony gomez says:

    It is very much appreciated, a really pleasant surprise.

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