Lights Going On

He is letting go.
That awkwardness at the mention of grace
That lowering of the eyes
As Jesus is named.
He is open to stories
Anecdotes of merciful intervention
Films coming out that
Name the New Birth unashamedly.
End of lunch illustrations
Of Beatitudes, Blood, Blessing and Brotherhood.
I marvel at this young welder
Just out of high school
But showing sensitivity, nuance
And humour well beyond his years.
And there have been trials
Parents divorced.
A brother stepping forward
To an unexpected pregnancy.
He gets many of the gopher jobs
And the novelty of some
Rather mindless factory functions
Tries to get him down.
But unsuccessfully.
The kid has resilience.
Watched a rather serious accident go down.

He catches on fairly well
He respects the tips and cautions
Coming from the older ones.
He can throw it back
When the jabs come.
I wish him well.
I wish him Christ.
And yes, he is being “apprehended”.

Philippians 3: 12

Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON


One thought on “Lights Going On

  1. anthony gomez says:

    Oh boy, is he in for it now…in a good way:)

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