Bono Singin’ the Holy City

I remember working a shift at the grocery store. About this time of year. Hints of spring.

The store manager had the habit of playing streamed in music that usually repeated a cycle every ten songs. But this day the selection seemed strangely different. And then came Bono singing “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”. I felt a chill up my back and wondered if any of the customers noticed anything odd about my demeanour. Here was an Irish pop star singing about the New Jerusalem; singing that nothing else would satisfy the longings of his soul.

But the people seemed to be going about their business of milk, cheese, meats and pastries oblivious to the world’s one great heart cry over this piped-in music. I was near tears. The whispers of the Holy Spirit so very evident.

This morning I was reading from Ephesians chapter three where Paul delights in the great mystery, just then in his age coming to be understood, as Jews and Gentiles found harmony and comfort honestly for the first time in loyalty to the risen Messiah Jesus. That mystery in the Church transcends the awkwardness of Jew and Gentile. It extends to a whole world, all tribes and tongues.

That world right now is percolating toward intense troubles. Bono knows this and gives freely of his largesse to the hungry, thirsty, unwell and lonely. He is living out the mandate of Matthew 25. He has chastised presidents and prime ministers for their comfortable words not being followed up with sacrificial deeds and helps.

He is still looking, neck craning, for that City. And he is acting; and the most amazing of assemblies are catching on.


3 thoughts on “Bono Singin’ the Holy City

  1. anthony gomez says:

    Okay…who are you and what have you done with Doug Blair?! But hey, I like this guy too.

  2. I have a gun to Blair’s head. You must mail an atrocious sum of money in a brown envelope to an address that you will find posted behind a “Help Wanted” sign in the window of your favourite gas station. Oh yes you and yours are being watched too. You have until April 6th to comply or that clumsy Canadian gets it. Capice?

  3. anthony gomez says:

    So that’s how you spell “capice?”
    Take your best shot, Blair’s ransom is paid in full by Grace!

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