He’s Alive-Dolly Parton


2 thoughts on “He’s Alive-Dolly Parton

  1. Holy Mackerel! What a difficult batch of lyrics to get a hold of. Bravo, dear Dolly. No stereotyped Bimbo, you. No Ma’am. I remember a truck driver named Skip who used to deliver long steel . He always had a smile and a story. Told me that you could keep your Grand Ole Oprey in Nashville. Nope, Dollywood was the place to go. Nice people. Clean. Pleasant spirit about the place. Well, this song shows to me once again the anointing of the Holy Spirit to get out the Good News, and without hitch or awkwardness. I will never think the same about this woman again, the tabloids notwithstanding.

  2. Thank you Don Francisco (original artist, I think). Memories. Living back in Chatham, ON. Not too far from Detroit in the eighties, and having easy access to many Gospel programs, crusades, broadcasts and TV studio audiences. What a time of feeding and of beholding miracles and restorations. The video here was from the British mini-series “Jesus of Nazareth”…still the most balanced presentation, I believe.

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