“People are crazy”

Teacher, who are those guys driving out demons, healing the sick and such and such…I ain’t never seen em’ among us? Why can they get just as much from out of the crumbs that fall under your table…how is it they are able?

Romans 8:28

Luke 9:50

Philippians 4:13

SON…thas’ how it’s done.
All things….
All good…
All the time…
P.eople H.umility D.oing
Reluctant Theologians…
They marveled at how simple uneducated fisherman held their own…in Christ.


Anthony Gomez, Moncks Corner, S. C.



One thought on ““People are crazy”

  1. AAAHH HAAH. How is it that total strangers can let all the good stuff out when the refreshments are sweet, the music is thoughtful, the lights are low and time seems to stand still. A NOW moment that might even be life-changing. I think of my old friend Allan, a trucker who used to go into roadside restaurants and light up a life with unashamed reference to Jesus. He and his precious wife, Geri taught me much.(Doug)

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