No Wiggle Room

An acquaintance from a former house church gathering has launched an inter-faith group and has set up a point of reference on Facebook. She also works part-time as a hospital chaplain, where of course, inclusiveness is the key word.

She is out and about inviting people to drop by the little periodic gatherings to share testimonies and to identify points of commonality in faiths.

I wonder for a dedicated believer how this measure lines up with John 14, Hebrews 13 or Galatians 5. I recall Paul the Apostle saying that he had become all things to all people, but that had to do with wisdom in moderating the approach to the Good News to different groups; it did not have to do with enjoying regular fellowship/meals with them.

And John in his First Epistle is adamant about this dangerous courting of the world.

This sort of thinking has caused others to call me intolerant, unloving and impractical. But I am told in Ephesians without qualification that I am supposed to speak the truth in love.

I have no time for syncretic elbow rubbing. Testimony…yes as the Spirit leads.


2 thoughts on “No Wiggle Room

  1. anthony gomez says:

    “The imperative of the Gospel is not “learn this” or “learn that“; rather it is “Come.” “Learn of me.” “Follow me.” The one who gives priority to this imperative will always cause the Master to smile. And that smile felt is worth worlds.”
    This is Very Well Said from an older post in a different place that I am somehow reminded of “now“, Doug.

  2. Part of Round Three and she doesn’t even know it. Saw her once recently at Hospital emergency where I was attending to a workmate with dizzy spells and blurred vision. No prior exposure for at least a year. I wrote this post because she as a Facebook “friend” and former house-church acquaintance (along with her husband) needed some caution, or so I thought.

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