Grounded Eagle


The farmer found it at the headland of his corn acreage next to the woodlot. Apparently it had injured its wing and it looked rather comical hopping around in an effort to stay clear. But in moments when it rested he could not help but admire its streamlined shape, glimmering plumage and penetrating gaze – a golden eagle.

With a make-shift cage he was able to contain it and bring it to the barnyard where it was staked in a semi-shaded area not far from the ducks and chickens. With all the barn cats around, it was not hard to come up with harassed or partially eaten rodents which proved acceptable to the guest.

The rudimentary dressing and splint appeared to be doing the job and the bird was improving daily. The farmer noticed that the eagle was beating a path to and fro his stake. He would often notice…

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3 thoughts on “Grounded Eagle

  1. The barnyard foul are watching. Eagles, we must conduct ourselves in a manner well-fitting our Keeper. The free and open skies may take a while. May require several deaths…Doug

  2. In a strange, wonderful, curious way, it is a bit terrifying how well we are beginning to understand and appreciate one another.
    We have had visitations to the back paddock up close, two days running Mon. & Tues. O.E.W.’s. Quite spectacular timing it was!

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